Need Help?

If you need some help using Snap.svg, you have a few options:

1. The Docs
If you haven’t seen the Snap.svg docs yet, that’s the place to start.

2. Slack Room
If you’ve already RTFM, the next step is to head over to the Snap.svg room on Slack and ask your question there. If you need and invite, take it from here — everyone is welcome.

3. Our Google Group
Alternatively, go to Snap.svg forums and ask your question there.

4. Twitter
If you can formulate your question in 140 characters or less, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter. Just be aware that the response (including all code) will be equally succinct and cryptic.

Found a Bug?

If you’re pretty sure you’ve found a bug in Snap.svg, the best thing to do is file a new GitHub issue. We keep a close eye on our issues, and we’re always working on the next version of Snap, so there’s a good chance we can solve your problem for you pretty quickly. Please include as much detail as you can — including a code sample, if possible.

Of course, since Snap.svg is open-source, you can always fix the bug yourself and submit a pull request. For more information about contributing to Snap, see our README file.